Sunday, April 17, 2011

two weeks in the books.

with having two weeks in the books, and I learned a lot! During the second week we had to Double drill and fill, and airifaction week, Which that means a long week. With the double drill and fill we contracted with an outside business. Without knowing what in the world they were talking. In till i saw the machines in action. It was a very long process the machine has three wheels, Two hoppers, and 12 inch drill bits. My job was to make sure the hoppers was filled with sand. Walking back and forth with two 5 gal buckets filled with sand. It was a good workout. during the next day we were going to aerifiy but it rained. So we had to wait, then the next day, they assigned me to aerifiy greens! with this going on, we were verta-cutting fairways all day. with a dragging after, And a giant vacuum to clean every all up.

With the whole grounds crew being Latino it was to hard to work with then the first week, then with the little Spanish that i know. Was able to talk to them, and now i have friendships with everyone on the crew. Usually i can trade English for Spanish. All the interns are good guys too, One is from Australia and he is a very good guy. And another is from Rutgers and he is a good guy too. With two weeks in the books I I'm learning a lot with plenty of the season ahead.      

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