Friday, September 23, 2011

the week before, and the week after the barclay's

with finally having time to update this blog, there is plenty to talk about. during the week before we had rain almost everyday which was bad because we wanted the course to be fast and firm so we were mowing  
the greens, fairways, tees. everyday. we had to make sure that all the little things were in perfect order. weeds, ball marks, and native areas had to be maintained. tents where being built trough out the course, trying to meet the deadline. during the week of the tournament was the best week ever i got to meet people through out the new jersey area. and my job during the barclay's i got to cut the cups which was the best job you can get your hands on. i had a helper and a rules official followed me around through the front nine making sure everything was done. with the greens mowed twice and rolled, tee's prep, and fairways drag, and bunkers where rake. during the evening we had to mow the ruff, fairways, and tee's. and making sure the driving area was done the tournament was cut to 54 holes, to tropical storm Irene and the course was flooded the next day there was one hole completely under water, there was standing water everywhere we had to set pumps everywhere and wake up every two hours during the night to make sure they were running. the rest of the week we had to clean up the course which took all week. with my internship coming to an end, I'm glad to come out here and show my talents. I'll  be headed home in a couple of days to finish up school. I'll be keeping up on the blog, and who knows maybe i'll be going oversea's to work next year.