Monday, April 4, 2011

day one in the books!

made it to new jersey in two days (sat night) so i had plenty time to unpack and get things squared away before work starts on Monday, and with today being Monday i got to see how Plainfield is ran. Plainfield is not a very well know course, thinking it's from new jersey it would be, but it's not. we have a lot more equipment then what i'm use too. and the staff is not from new jersey at all, closest one is from new York, some are from the Midwest like Wisconsin, Ohio, and from Pennsylvania. they also mow fairways different to they use a tri-plex type mower to mow fairways. i only thought these types of mowers would be only for greens and tees. but using these types of mowers are lighter than your typical fairway mower. and they do it because it has less compaction and having bent grass fairways that type of grass cant handle alot of compaction, so there would be four guys at once mowing a fairway. there is a green that didn't do too well over the winter so there is a flag in the fairway to finish the hole. so with only working one day i have learned a lot. pictures will  be coming soon! 

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