Friday, May 27, 2011

getting ready for the Barclay's.

With about two months in the books I've been learning a lot to better myself for a full time position. Everyday we are getting closer to the big event the Barclay's, We are mowing the greens twice every other day, Then only mowing once and rolling. also been verta-cutting the greens twice a month, With topdressing sand to fill in the lines then brooming the greens to smooth out the greens. There is a road being put in to going about a mile and some. The past week I was working at a different golf course called Hamilton farms golf club for the LPGA tournament, I got to meet people around the world from LA to Germany. It's a great way to start networking.

It's been great working here so far, sleep,eat, and work it's my life right now.    

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